Poland 2005

The Conference of the CIB met from September 5 - 15, 2005 in Poland as guests of the polish Benedictine women superiors, led by their President, Abbess Jolanta Rzoska and her substitute, Prioress General Martyna Wysocka.  The 24 members of the CIB Conference in their three day meeting before the arrival of the polish superiors made a point of exploring the theme of wisdom leadership, thus preparing Symposium 2006, and visioning the future development of the CIB.  Meeting regularly already brings fruits of familiarity and mutual trust which encourages deep sharing.  The presentation of the Benedictine womens' monasteries in Poland was excellently prepared and the warm welcome of the ca 20 Benedictine superiors helped to surmount the language barrier.  It was also a help to visit with them and some of their brothers a few nearby Benedictine houses and some typical polish sights.


Here are some Photos from the meeting