Rome 2002


The 4th international Symposium took place from September 4 - 11. and was the 1st Symposium organised by the CIB - as the world wide network was now known.  M. Máire Hickey OSB / Dinklage, who had been the elected moderator of the group of delegates since 1998, chaired the meeting.  Abbot Primate Notker Wolf OSB / Rom welcomed not only 80 delegates and a team of 10 organisers and translators, but also for the first time 19 young sisters representing the 19 regions. The theme of the meeting was Chapter 72 of the Rule of St.Benedict: "Good Zeal."  Presentations from West Africa, USA, Australia, the Philippines, Germany and England offered matter for reflection and sharing, highlighting characteristics and processes of renewal. In addition contributions from all 19 regions reflecting areas of dynamic spiritual heritage in each region helped to concretise points being made.                           

Reference: Lucia Wagner OSB (Editors.), Liebe zu Christus. Engagiert leben nach der Regel Benedikts. Vier-Türme-Verlag, Münsterschwarzach 2003, ISBN 3-87868-288-3.

English publication of the talks by AIM

peakers under the rainbow

Participants from Germany and Switzerland